Reiki Healing for a Kinder World

So how do I receive Reiki?

Reiki is very flexible, with no special equipment needed, so can be offered to

  • patients in hospital beds
  • wheelchair users
  • even children who won't sit still!

However most people receive Reiki lying on a treatment couch in a dedicated room or in their own homes.  What is important is that you are as comfortable as possible receiving the Reiki and safe if you should fall asleep.

A session includes discussion time before and after the actual Reiki treatment.

For a full Reiki treatment you will lie for about an hour while I give Reiki first to the front and then the back of your body.  My hands rest gently in a series of positions that are pre-determined, but may be varied if there is an area of particular need.  Most of my clients report feeling heat from my hands of varying intensity.  This warmth can vary over different areas of the body.  There is not massage, my hands remain still and you may forget they are there, just enjoying the relaxing warmth. 

Half hour sessions will include about 20 minutes of Reiki, which you will receive for one area, such as your head and chest, abdomen or back.

I am used to hearing the people I give Reiki to snoring as they relax!  Sometimes people experience a mental state not unlike meditation, which calms the mind and emotions. 

At the end there will be time for you to sit quietly or talk about your experience while sipping a glass of water.

Where can I get treatments? And the cost?

Booking is essential

Full treatment (90 minutes) recommended for 1st treatment as there is an initial 15 minute consultation.

Please note that I require 24 hours notice of cancellation, otherwise a fee will still be payable.

I offer treatments at:

S.E.N.S.E. Teme Street, Tenbury Wells (UK)

Appointments available Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Free or paid parking in the town.  Disabled parking available nearby.

Ludlow Clinic, 10 Mill Street Ludlow, Shropshire (UK)

Appointments available Thursday to Saturday

Parking in local car parks or street (fees apply) Disabled parking available nearby.

90 minute session - £55.00
Reiki treatment of 1 hour plus time to talk about your needs.  Recommended for 1st treatment

Series of four 90 minute treatments - £200.00

          60 minute session - £45.00
Reiki treatment approximately 50 minutes plus discussion time
30 minute session - £25.00
Mini/taster Reiki treatment and brief time to talk.

You could also learn to do Reiki for yourself and have this wonderful healing ability in your own hands any time you need it.

I am a member of The Reiki Association (a non-accrediting body) and a member of the Reiki Alliance.  I am also registered with CNHC.

Questions/concerns/want to book a session? Please call me on 01584 890 284

or contact me via email.