Reiki Healing for a Kinder World

Does the word 'Reiki' keep popping up in your life?

You may know little or nothing about Reiki, but somehow feel drawn to find out more. It may have been a conversation with a friend or some mention in a magazine. Something about the way people talk about Reiki intrigues you!

Maybe you have received a Reiki session, or even several, and seen the benefits Reiki can bring to your health and well-being. Now you are thinking it could be good to have this lovely feeling available to you every day!

You may have friends or family who have learned and you can see how having Reiki in their lives has helped them.

"Initially I was drawn to the idea of Reiki thinking its major benefits would be to enhance my calling as a complementary and holistic therapist. I completely underestimated what it would mean to me on a personal level. I really look forward to my daily self-treatment sessions and am very impressed with the relaxation and rejuvination they bring."
               Deb, Complementary Therapist, Birmingham

You may be unsure whether you have the necessary skills or abilities to learn Reiki. You might think that while other people may have a special gift of healing you don't, but would like to. Well let me reassure you: Reiki is something that anyone who wants to can learn.  No special gift or ability is needed.

So if you think you would like to have healing hands click here to find out more.

"I am very grateful for all you taught me. It has seen me through an assortment of problems, and the dog, which was the reason I came to learn Reiki, is completely cured, bouncy and enjoying life, despite having a younger brother and sister who plague her. The effect you had on her is convincing truth of the effectiveness of the treatment."
                                                                                                       Anne, Westhope College, Craven Arms

"Reiki is a really special gift - it can make a real difference to your life and that of those you love"
                                                                                                                            Marie, Brierly Hill

"I gave a lovely Reiki treatment to a friend last night. He is a pharmacist and was quite staggered at how effective the treatment was. It is so immensely satisfying to be able to offer this to friends and family and to see the benefits it can give."
                 Zoe, Birmingham

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