Reiki Healing for a Kinder World

About Kate

Photo by Alec Jones
Reiki has been a part of my life since 1989 and I have been so grateful to have this wonderful healing ability literally in my hands. It gives me such joy to be able to teach others and see the transformation it brings to their lives too.

I was born in Coventry and grew up in the Midlands. After taking a degree in English Literature and Philosophy in Hull, I followed my love of acting, and in particular mime, to study theatre in Paris. I came back to Birmingham in 1986 (a bit of a let-down after 2 years in Paris!) and started my own theatre company. Shortly after that I began learning Tai Chi and met my future husband.

I first experienced Reiki in 1987 after spraining my ankle during rehearsals and realised its true potential when I received further treatment after the sudden death of my father a few months later. I found Reiki comforting and that it also helped me to heal old emotional issues.

Having discovered that it is as simple to learn as it is to receive, I took a First Degree Reiki class in 1989 with Martha Sylvester, moving on to Second Degree with her later that year. I think she recognised my passion for Reiki, so she invited me to become a Reiki Master. At the time I didn't consider myself to be 'spiritual' enough to be a Reiki Master, but I had a strong desire to help others with Reiki and saw that being able to teach them would make this more possible.

After a year's apprenticeship, which included lots of Reiki practice, I became a Reiki Master at the end of 1991. I taught my first class in the December of that year and have been teaching regularly ever since.

In 1992 I began working for The Reiki Association as Administrator, a job I continued to hold for 12 years.  This job brought me into contact with the wider Reiki community and I learned a lot!

I have been interested in the question of how Reiki practitioners and people looking to receive Reiki can get connected, which led to representing The Reiki Association on the Reiki Regulatory Working Group and subsequently Reiki Council.  I participated in the creation of the first Reiki NOS and the subsequent revision some years later.

All this experience of the Reiki community, standards and so on led to my appointment to the Reiki Profession Specific Board of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council in 2011.

All of which sounds very grand, but really stems from my interest in seeing people wanting to receive Reiki being able to find someone who will be able to help them.

In recent years I have become more involved in the world wide Reiki community through work with Reiki Foundation International and Reiki Home.

Reiki has helped me to reverse my type 2 diabetes and restore my health and vitality. (I have a blog about this:

I also love to sing (I run a community choir and singing for lung health groups) and explore my creativity in other ways such as water colour painting and photography.  I have a life long love of nature which includes studying local birds, moths and butterflies.