Reiki Healing for a Kinder World

Four Days of Reiki

Are you struggling with a chronic or recurring condition?

Are you looking for change in your life?

Often conventional treatments deal with symptoms, leaving the underlying causes un-addressed. This is why although physical problems may seem to go away they can come back again. In Reiki we believe the true cause of illness lies on the non-physical levels of mind, emotions and spirit, so true healing follows a change on one of these levels.
We are told that when Hawayo Takata treated people, she would require them to come for treatments daily. Nowadays few people are able to make this commitment. Four Days of Reiki, where you receive treatment on four consecutive days, can offer a more intense Reiki treatment process than weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions.

While no guarantees can be given, partly because Reiki will go where it needs to (not necessarily where the client or practitioner want!), some people find that Four Days of Reiki can be a profound experience that helps profound change to occur. It calls for commitment on the part of recipient and practitioner, it is a clear intention to make a change. Reiki is believed to continue working in the body for 24 hours after the treatment, so Reiki would keep working continuously during the Four Days of Reiki.

Issues people have tried Four Days of Reiki for include

  • wanting to see change in a chronic condition
  • feeling stuck in life
  • seeking a new direction
  • looking for a health issue breakthrough

Four Days of Reiki is also a good introduction to Reiki if you have never received it before, because if you have not seen any benefit after the four days, Reiki may not be the best treatment for you.

Here is the experience of one of my Reiki clients who had Four days of Reiki:

"The four day treatment is a process I would absolutely recommend. I had an health issue that had been ongoing for half of my life, and of which I had repeatedly tried to get to the root cause of, so I could heal it.

In my understanding, physical illness is the final manifestation of an energetic disturbance or imbalance within a persons psyche.

Through this four day process I found that Reiki allowed me to uncover the issues within my psyche that created the illness. It bought them from being buried within - unconscious, to the surface and made them conscious.

I have found that no other therapy has helped me do this. The four day treatment was invaluable because I now have peace of mind regarding the cause of the illness. I don't have to search any more and keep trawling through my past, and my psyche to see what it was that created the illness.

Reiki, in it's amazing way of working, showed the causal factors and, although it was intense and I don't really remember the process, that doesn't matter - it has done what I hoped, and now I can move on with my life without keep looking to the past trying to find a cause.

From the four day treatment I can move forward with healing and wholeness in mind to create a physically healthy self."

Ester, Stained Glass Artist, Birmingham

For more details, to discuss costs or to book  Four Days of Reiki, please contact me.