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“Just for Today do not worry”

Why is it some days you can be relaxed, calm and happy, then the next day you can’t stop worrying?

Worrying causes you to be distracted, interferes with your concentration and may lead to you making mistakes. Worries keep you awake at night, leaving you tired and irritable.

Life just isn’t fun and your health may suffer too, whether it’s that you pick up a cold or the flu more easily or suffer recurring problems such as headaches, painful muscles, digestive discomfort or feeling tired a lot of the time.

You may seek comfort in food, alcohol or cigarettes but deep down you know this isn’t a good solution. Sometimes the solutions themselves can become worrying!

What if there was a simple, painless, natural way to improve your quality of life that was safe, relaxing and non-invasive, without any side effects? What if this solution was available to you at any time, day or night, just by placing your hands on yourself?

Reiki could be the solution you are looking for.

Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki is health promoting and offers well-being with minimal effort.  It is also eco-friendly, non-addictive and non-toxic!  Most people find Reiki a pleasure to receive and also to give.

"If you would like to become a relaxed happy calm energised and balanced person then the Reiki course is a special gift to give yourself. Kate’s teaching is informative, caring by way of making all of her students feel capable and special.”

Jackie, Reiki Student, Birmingham.

Worry is just one of life’s challenges

Are you facing daily challenges such as:

• Stress and overwhelm, often resulting in feeling irritated or angry

• Lack of energy to achieve what you want to do

• Painful limiting health conditions

• Loss or bereavement

• Feeling there is something missing in life

• Feeling helpless when friend or animal you love is sick or injured

• Wanting to give something back to people who have helped you, but not knowing how

If you would like to have something to help you overcome these problems please read on! I have experienced all of these challenges and, like so many others, find that Reiki helps me to overcome them. Let me share with you the “secret method for inviting happiness” (read on to find out more!).

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