Reiki Healing for a Kinder World

What People Say…

About learning First Degree Reiki with Kate Jones Reiki Master

"Thank you so much for teaching me Reiki. It has been a real support and comfort over the years. I have particularly enjoyed the extra workshops covering different aspects of the discipline, which have enabled me to deepen my understanding and relationship with Reiki."

"I write to express my sincere thanks not only for the Reiki First Degree Course but also for the calm, reassuring way in which you deliver the teaching and knowledge required by beginners. Your fervour for Reiki and its philosophy is quite tangible and very charismatic.

My personal experience, albeit in its infancy, has been one of great satisfaction. The caring, sharing and comforting attributes of Reiki have to be experienced to understand its great value. There are no negative feelings related to Reiki and I can testify to having already received physical and emotional benefit from receiving Reiki during my course."

"I wish to thank you with all my heart for teaching me such a wonderful thing over the last few days. The group was amazing, so peaceful. I have started well by using Reiki since the second day when we learned the self treatment and I hope to keep on. I find that if I close my eyes when treating myself, my mind is clear, which is a lovely feeling.

Since my initiation into Reiki I have a feeling that I can't really give a name to, only to describe it as one of Peace, Warmth and Love. Perhaps the more I practice I will be able to name how I feel, instead of describe it."

"I just wanted to say thanks again for the course. I feel that they way you gradually present the hand positions for self treating and treating others is a really good way to learn - it's simple and I've had no problems remembering where to place my hands. I've been self treating every day and plan to do so for 21 consecutive days (inspired by Mr Usui..) before offering to others.

I feel more calm and centred from the Reiki and I really like the 'just for today..' aspect of the principles."

"An excellent introduction to Reiki. Kate helped me to feel secure throughout the course and [her] infectious enthusiasm for Reiki overcame any initial doubts I had. I left feeling like I had learnt a very important skill and have continued to practice as much as possible"

"Reiki is very easy to learn but requires commitment to put into practice. The course is a good balance of information, discussion and practical Reiki. It is like the beginning of a long journey of discovery, very empowering."
“Thanks again for last weekend, it was a real turning point for me and the whole experience was truly wonderful.”

“Kate always creates a warm welcoming environment. The group were friendly open and an interesting mix of backgrounds and experiences. If you would like to become a relaxed happy calm energised and balanced person then the Reiki course is a special gift to give yourself. Kate’s teaching is informative, caring by way of making all of her students feel capable and special.”

“I just wanted to say thank you again and to reiterate how much I enjoyed the Reiki weekend with you. I found the whole experience very interesting and stimulating and hope to develop the ideas further. “

“Life changing, relaxing, warm and cosy atmosphere, excellent teacher, easy to learn, easy to use, definitely worth doing it. It felt a very special experience. It was even more than I expected. For example I didn’t realise that Reiki may heal emotional problems.”

“An excellent course, a quiet, gentle uplifting and feel good weekend. Do it!”

“Simple to learn hands on healing course, Kate Jones (Reiki Master) offers a friendly and supportive environment to learn Reiki First Degree which will benefit self and others. A lovely, lovely course!”

“It was easy to follow, well explained and gave ample opportunity to practise on each other. It was an honour being taught by Kate and meet everyone on the course. I felt when the course was completed I had been given a gift, but unlike other gifts, I would not loose it or outgrow it. The feeling was like having the best toy you ever had when you were a child, for Christmas or birthday. It’s that feeling when you are in bed you can’t wait for the next day to play with it again. Kate explained every bit of the course well, with plenty of chance for questions and interaction. I would not hesitate in recommending it to others.”

“An amazing experience from which you are given a gift for life. I have benefited from attending the course and feel honoured to have been given the gift of Reiki.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed this course and feel privileged to have learned Reiki under the gentle guidance and support of Kate Jones. I enjoyed meeting other members of the group and sharing the learning experience with them. I feel that we embarked on a journey together, not only gaining a new skill but achieving a greater understanding of some of our thoughts and emotions on the way. I intend to practice Reiki on a daily basis and look forward to sharing Reiki treatments with my family and friends. [To anyone thinking of doing the course]: I would encourage them to take the course and explain that by investing just a little of their time they could learn a life-long art which would not only enhance their own lives but would be beneficial to their family and friends.”

"I have been doing reiki now for over 18 months, and learnt 2nd degree this year. Like everyone else I have found it very beneficial, feeling more relaxed and peaceful.

Surprisingly, reiki has cured my tinnitus. It was about 9 months before I noticed any difference. I would advise anyone to persevere with any problem they have. I am glad I did. I am now working on my back and knees."