Reiki Healing for a Kinder World


 Reiki Experience of

Julie Chipperfield Carr

Julie came for Reiki in November 2006 to help with a work-related injury that was causing her severe pain.

 Here is her story in her own words....

A very painful Injury

"My life had drastically changed due to the fact that I’d sustained a very painful injury that I considered was extremely slow healing. I had damaged my left arm in four areas and it was painful and swollen. I had become a shadow of my former self: very quiet and sad and prone to spending hours crying. I could hardly recognise the individual I’d become. I lacked energy and my get up and go had literally gone!

On the lookout for a more natural form of pain relief

I do not like taking painkillers but felt the need to regularly take ibuprofen in order to cope with the severity of the pain levels. I did not like to be stuck in this cycle of taking pain relief every four hours and was constantly on the lookout for a more natural form of pain relief. I tried everything from a TENS machine, aromatherapy menthol patches to massages. Unfortunately, any relief was only short term.

I started to feel depressed… my whole psyche was being affected by my physical injury. I was experiencing terrible nightmares as pain levels exacerbated during the night.

I intuitively knew she would be able to help me

One Tuesday evening, whilst I was sat in the kitchen at the Holistic Centre, Kings Heath, I was drawn to Kate’s name on a list of therapists. I didn’t know her but I just intuitively knew that she would be able to help me heal. I booked my first treatment with Kate and there’s been no turning back!

Initially Kate focused on helping me to cope with the excruciating pain levels that seemed to have taken over my life. After the first treatment, I felt much calmer and slept soundly that night. Kate helped me understand why my injury appeared to be slow in healing … my mind was getting in the way.

I feel much more positive

I have learned to listen to my own body more. When I’m tired, I slow down and if it’s possible I’ll take a nap. My behaviour has changed. I’m not rushing around so much trying to pack loads into my daily schedule. I’m spending more quality time with my family and friends. I’m doing more of the things that I want to do, rather than what I ought to do. I feel much more positive about life as a whole.

Reiki is powerful!

It has been an incredible journey. I came to Kate for help with a physical injury but she has succeeded in helping me heal on many levels. Reiki is powerful! The reiki treatments have transformed my life. There were many deep emotional issues that I had blocked by being a busy person, and these were hindering the healing process. During my reiki journey with Kate, she has enabled me to come to terms with life experiences I had suppressed. The sudden death of my husband had caused me to put up many emotional barriers to my heart. I wouldn’t let anyone in, even 6 years later! I was also grieving over the loss of my best friend Bridget, my beloved dog Toby and the recent death of my uncle John after a long illness. I have found a great emotional release and have a positive attitude towards the future. The reiki treatments have had a profound effect on me. At last I have found peace and happiness. There is much love and light in my life.


Kate Jones is a very special lady and it’s an honour to know her. She is full of compassion, very easy to talk to and has a great energy for life. I’ve learned many lessons about life through knowing Kate. I have been so impressed with the effect of the reiki treatments have had on me, that I’ve signed up with Kate to learn reiki level one and my fiancé Clive is eager to learn too.

The physio at [work] was so impressed with how my healing accelerated after I’d started having regular reiki treatments, that she left her job and decided to undergo reiki training herself.
Many thanks Kate, for all your healing help and guidance.

Julie Chipperfield-Carr”

Update on Julie's story 2009: Julie was initially told that she would be off work for 8 months with her injury. After 3 months she was allowed back to work part-time on light duties. She continued to receive Reiki treatments until her arm was pain free. She attended the First Degree class with her fiancée about which they said: “We have thoroughly enjoyed the last four days and we’ve learnt a lot about ourselves. It’s the beginning of a wonderful journey and we know there’s much more healing to come.” They have now both continued to Second Degree.

Unfortunately Julie had returned to work a bit too soon so experienced further problems. She was offered surgery, but preferred to 'do it her own way', which was supported by her employer although they were sceptical. She continued with Reiki and her arm is now completely healed, pain free and she is back to full time work. She notes that a colleague who suffered a similar injury and opted for surgery is still having problems.

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