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Second Degree Reiki

What does Second Degree Reiki offer?

Second Degree offers you the possibility of giving Reiki where your hands can't reach.  You have already been able to give lovely treatments to yourself and to friends family and possibly clients who come to receive Reiki from you.  However you have been unable to give Reiki to distant family and friends. 

Second Degree offers the ability to do treatments for people at a distance just as if they were present with you.  It also offers the possibility to give Reiki to situations, relationships, places and other things it would just be impossible to hold in your hands.  Second Degree Reiki also gives you the ability to offer Reiki on the more subtle levels of the mind, emotions and spirit more directly than you can with First Degree Reiki.  

Second Degree Reiki is also a deepening of your relationship with Reiki, many people find it offers a more spiritual aspect.

How do you know if it is time for Second Degree? 

Many Reiki students tell me during their First Degree course that they already want to do Second Degree.  This enthusiasm is natural and I am always delighted to hear this.  However I know that these students are not yet ready for the next step, having only just taken the first one!  Learning more about Reiki requires practice!

So to be ready for Second Degree Reiki, you will have been practising Reiki regularly, maybe just on yourself, maybe on other people too. It will be at least 6 months since you did your First Degree course, probably longer.  I usually recommend that people wait a year or more before moving on to Second Degree.  I have noticed that students who have practised for longer, and therefore know Reiki better, seem to get more out of the Second Degree course.  They understand more because they have their own experience of Reiki as a reference point.

Another sign that you are ready for Second Degree is that you may have a gut feeling that there is more you would like to explore in your Reiki practice. It may even be an incomprehensible urge to take Reiki further. You may be considering treating more people. These are all good signs that it is time to consider taking Second Degree.

What does learning Second Degree involve?

There are three sacred symbols that you need to learn for Second Degree.  I ask my students to learn them by heart, because this is part of the tradition of the system of Reiki I teach and practise.  However I have found that there is wisdom in this tradition: if you learn the symbols by heart they are always with you, just like your hands.  If you forget them I am happy to support you in remembering them, but I find that most students who learn them and practise using them soon find they are second nature.  If you forget it is probably because you are not practising and I am here to encourage you to practise!


Here is the experience one of my students shares about learning Second Degree with me

"Kate taught us and guided us with close attention in her kind yet firm manner.  She answered all our questions with all the explanations and information we required with infinite patience and gave us every encouragement. 

I learned so much and had quite a few surprises and wonderful experiences, which will stay with me always.  I can't help but feel different because of those experiences and because the level of Reiki has intensified and has had a more profound and deeper effect - on me and on the friends I have subsequently treated.

I feel that my connection with it has deepened and that this is the beginning of another stage in my relationship and self development with Reiki."

Carol, Birmingham

Course pre-requisite: to have taken First Degree Reiki in the same system/style of Reiki - if you are unsure whether you have learned in the same system please talk to me.  If you have learned in a different system you can review First Degree with me before taking Second Degree.  This will not normally include the initiations, but ensures you have covered the same learning in preparation for your next step in this Reiki system.

If you would like to find out more about taking Second Degree please contact me.

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