Reiki Healing for a Kinder World

Reiki and Spirituality

"You are teaching Reiki rooted in spiritual Truth"

The Burning Question

When Dr Usui began his search that resulted in his discovery of what we now call Reiki, I believe his burning question was how the great teachers like Jesus and Buddha were able to place their hands on people and heal their bodies. He found the answer in a spiritual text about the life of Buddha. He began his practise of Reiki healing first his own physical injury and then the physical sickness of people close to him. He then went out into the world and began to heal the bodies of the beggars of Kyoto.

A Great Shock

After 3 years happily ‘healing’ people and sending them off to get a job, he had a shock: he met someone he had ‘healed’ begging again in the market place. Dr Usui was devastated: he suddenly saw that what he had been doing was to heal the bodies of the beggars, but that their minds and spirits had not changed, so in some cases the physical symptoms had returned.

During his search for the answer to his burning question Dr Usui had been told by some of the Buddhist monks that ‘if there is no healing of the spirit there is no true healing’. He saw, as he realised that his healing had only touched the surface, the wisdom in this teaching.

Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit

He then stopped offering treatments just to heal the body and began teaching and treating with an intention that the help should go much deeper. During this time he developed the Reiki Principles or Precepts to guide people towards thinking more deeply about their lives and to help towards healing of the mind, emotions and spirit as well as the body. 

One of the fundamental principles of Reiki therefore is that the causes of physical illness are seen as originating from the non-physical levels of mind, emotions and spirit.

Available to All

One of the other things that Dr Usui learned as he researched the information that led to this healing art was that it was a gift that had been given to humanity in the past but had been lost and that he was to ensure it was not lost again. He therefore wanted Reiki to be accessible to all human beings who could be helped by it. This meant that it could not be associated with a particular religion or belief system

Not a Religion

So what is still true today in the way that I teach and practise Reiki is that while there are some beliefs that come with the practice they are not a religion and do not conflict with most religious beliefs. I have taught people who are Christian (Catholic, Church of England, Quaker and other variations), Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Pagan and other beliefs. What most people find is that learning Reiki strengthens their faith or even re-kindles their connection. Those who have no particular faith often find that Reiki fills a gap. It is commonly accepted that humans need spirituality in some form. Even science can be a sort of spirituality. For those who do have this need, but prefer not to subscribe to a particular religion Reiki sometimes offers the connection they seek.

The Reiki Principles

Just for today do not worry
Just for today do not anger
Honour your parents teachers and elders
Earn your living honestly
Show gratitude to every living thing