Reiki Healing for a Kinder World

Free Introductory Talks

It is sensible to want to know more about Reiki and how I teach and practice it before committing to a course or having treatment. You may also want to meet me first!

I offer talks from time to time so that we have an opportunity to meet.

Please email me if you would like to know when the next one will be taking place.

Are you looking for a speaker for your group?

If you are a member of a group and would be interested in me coming to talk about Reiki and give a demonstration to your group please do contact me as I would be interested to come along to share my enthusiasm for Reiki with you!

My talks include:

  • A talk about Reiki - celebrating over 25 years since  Reiki came into my life!
  • A demonstration of the hand positions for I use and teach
  • Time for questions
  • An opportunity to find out what Reiki feels like by receiving some from me or one of my students
  • A chance to meet and talk with people I have taught
  • For Reiki students an opportunity to find out more about workshops and seminars I offer to support you in your Reiki practice.
  • Refreshments!

Here are some comments about past talks

"Really enjoyed it. Very friendly."   "Very interesting, informative and very nice to experience"

A very nice evening. Just being in the same room as Reiki practitioners uplifts you. Thank you"

"Fantastic experience. Felt wonderful. Thanks"    "Very well-presented talk and enjoyable evening"

"Very interesting. I thought Reiki would require great mental effort! I would like to learn Reiki and help others and animals. It was nice to hear from people who practice it"

"Very informative and entertaining, but most of all a lovely relaxing evening - much needed. Great catering! Thank you."

"A very interesting and intriguing evening. Receiving Reiki was amazing - really comforting."

"V. good, interesting and has given me things that I have not understood before. Has reduced pain in some parts."

"Very informative, interesting and peaceful."    "Encouraging: made me want to start practising again"

"Informative and reassuring. Thank you"    "Very nice evening. Treatments were great"