Reiki Healing for a Kinder World

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Life is so busy and pressured you forget to take care of yourself.  This has led to a gradual slide (or perhaps a rapid tumble) into exhaustion, stress and a chronic state of just surviving. You are more anxious, have difficulty relaxing and don't sleep well. Life feels altogether more difficult and you find you are making mistakes or having  accidents. You feel world weary and that your ‘get up and go’ has gone.  It's difficult to do anything to change the situation and you don’t want to be poked or prodded, or undress in front of strangers, or have to remember anything, like taking pills or doing exercises!
  • You are faced a health challenge of some kind and wonder if Reiki could help you in your recovery.   You don't want to stop using the treatment recommended by your doctor, but are looking for something else to support that treatment and help you feel more comfortable in life. 

  • When you were younger you were fit and healthy but as you have aged various parts of your body have started to grumble. It may be pain in your joints, digestive problems or lack of energy. You don't like taking medication, so often find yourself putting up with pain and discomfort.  You would like to find something that is simple, cost effective and safe to improve your quality of life.

  • Life seemed so much easier when you were a child! Now you are an adult there is so much to do, so many responsibilities and often it all gets on top of you! Some days you would like to just stay in bed and let the world get on by itself. As a result sometimes you suffer from headaches, tight shoulders and other physical discomfort, not to mention feeling tense and unhappy emotionally.

  • Life was going smoothly until you suffered a bereavement or other trauma. Now life seems difficult. Some days you just want to cry, other days you feel OK then feel guilty about that. You would like someone to wave a magic wand and make everything go back to how it was!

  • Your work involves helping people. The problem is you often feel exhausted and stressed yourself. This means you often don't enjoy life as much as you would if you had more energy left at the end of the working day. You need a simple way to support yourself that doesn't require much effort because you have little energy to spare.

  • On the face of it your life is going OK - but you have a feeling of there being something missing, that there must be 'something more'. Perhaps you feel the need some kind of spirituality in your life, but you are not drawn to any organised religion. You may even have a religion already, but somehow it is not giving you what you feel you need at the moment.